The Copper Will Be Fixed

2018 marks the 67th year since the Canadian government’s Potlatch Ban 
was lifted, after it was imposed on 
First Nations for 67 years. Hereditary Chief Rob Everson of the Gigalgam Walas Kwaguɫ, recognizing that many Canadians do not understand the history of Indigenous peoples, envisioned an arts and cultural program that would powerfully engage the local community and fellow Canadians, both Indigenous and settler, about this history and the impact.

With organizers, artists, and a clear vision, the creators of “Potlatch 67–67” are delighted to present this Indigenous Art Showcase to the people of the Comox Valley in hopes that it will be an engaging and educational avenue to understanding Indigenous History.

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Comox Valley Art Gallery

July 20 - October 4, 2018

Potlatch 67–67: Then and Now is a multi-artist thematic program that examines the impacts of the attempted cultural genocide through the Potlatch Ban and the resilience of First Nation peoples in preserving their culture and language for future generations.

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