The Society contacted artists, cultural carriers, Elders, arts & cultural professionals and organizations to ask for their participation. The artists were invited to provide responses, through their creative practice, to the impact of the Potlatch Ban and its reinstatement on their lives, families, communities, art making and cultural practices.

Many artists agreed to participate and create new artworks that speak to their relationship and interpretation of the Potlatch Ban. Many of these artists have connections to the “Potlatch 67- 67” creators through various gatherings including arts based activities, clan events and Potlatches.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Potlatch 67-67 E-Book coming soon.

Our ancestors guide us...
Some of the artists in this exhibition are no longer with us. A special thank you to those individuals who have loaned us these artists’ artwork from their private collections. We appreciate your generosity in allowing them to be part of Hitlisita’um "the copper will be fixed" exhibition.