LaTiesha Fazakas

Artist Bio

Director: “Meet Beau Dick- Maker of Monsters!”

LaTiesha Fazakas specialized in Northwest Coast Native Art while completing her degree in Art History at the University of British Columbia. During this time, she became an art dealer in a traditional Northwest Coast Art gallery. She established Fazakas Gallery, an inclusive space that takes a curatorial approach and specializes in Northwest Coast and cross-cultural contemporary works. Her expertise in curating has enhanced hundreds of collections worldwide. LaTiesha is responsible for many successful group and solo exhibitions. In 2017 LaTiesha was the Beau Dick curatorial coordinator for his participation in the international exhibition Documenta 14 in Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany. LaTiesha has also ventured into film, first as a Consultant for Tornado Mountain Pictures “Savage Nights” (UK Film) and now as a writer, director and producer of the documentary film, “Meet Beau Dick- Maker of Monsters”, alongside Natalie Boll.