Mary Everson


Elder Mary Everson nee Frank, “Uma’galis”, is Kwakwaka’wakw, K’omoks and Tlingit, and comes from the K’omoks First Nation. She was raised in the old way by her mother and father, Margaret and Andy Frank, and their teachings have impacted how she lives her life today. Mary has also served on the board of directors for Aboriginal Women’s Council of BC and Yukon, the BC Native Courtworkers, and was one of the founders of the Upper Island Women of Native Ancestry as well as the Kumugwe Cultural Society where she is President. Additionally, she has served on many councils and committees over the years. Currently, she is working with School District 71 as an Elder adviser. She was a foster mom for over fourty-five years, and is, most importantly, mom to eight children from nine to fifty-three.

“Make choices to make life better for each and everyone who are lost and hurt! Culture is not only when you wear regalia and dance, it is a way of life that our ancestors can see! He em”